I enjoy being a tiny part of your amazing work.


The mission of WritePlace is to partner with nonprofit agencies in the compelling communication of their stories, engaging more donors and increasing funds raised.



I started grant writing 20+ years ago in 1996. My boss at the time suggested I take a course to learn the craft, and so I did. I loved the challenge of telling an organization’s story accurately, completely and in a way that made people feel compelled to fund it. I also loved the flexibility independent grant writing gave me – it allowed me to focus on raising my two sons, Will and Jake, who along with my husband Bert, are the true loves of my life (closely followed by handbags, planners, iced tea, reading, and Chase, my WriteHand dog).

I founded WritePlace in May 2017. I’ve been fortunate to work with nonprofits of all kinds. Thanks to them, I am enjoying grants management and writing, resource development advising and case statement preparation more than ever. You, my amazing clients, inspire me. I love your passion, helping you focus on the part of your job that you love most and being a tiny part of the immense difference you make every day. 

When we receive a grant (which happens more than 1/3 of the time!), I look forward to celebrating with you and sharing in your success. To me, that’s the key to a great partnership – each of us doing what we enjoy and excel at … collaborating, dividing and absolutely conquering.

The amount of successful grants that we’ve had over the years has increased tremendously since Jacque has been writing for us.
— Christy May, Miles of Smiles

Share your passion with me and I’ll share my expertise with you. 

I am a responsive, self-disciplined resource development professional with a flair for the creative and a love of lists, notebooks and all things efficient. My track record includes 20+ years of proven success in organized fundraising through clear and compelling written and oral communications and grants management. 

  • Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE)

  • Independent Grant Writing Consultant since 2008

  • Portfolio of clients across the following nonprofit fields:

Jacque is just an incredible resource – the value of her expertise, encouragement, writing, insight and organization really amplifies the investment you put into the partnership with her.
— Jeff Langford, CBF Heartland