When we each do
what we love, we win.




What are you passionate about? Is it helping people? Saving pets? Making the world a more beautiful place? Whatever it is, I bet it’s not grant writing (or you wouldn’t be here).

I’m passionate about helping non-profits raise more money through grants management and writing, resource development advising and case statement preparation.

I enjoy collaborating with you to help you achieve your fundraising goals by telling your unique story in a way that makes people want to invest in your cause. You inspire me to think proactively, get creative and truly own the outcomes of our work.

You’re an organization trying to make a difference in the world. I’m a responsive, self-disciplined and detail-oriented professional with 20+ years of experience with non-profits like yours.  Let’s accomplish great things together. Delegate your writing and grants management to me so you can focus on what you love and spend your valuable time making the biggest impact for your organization.